Bodypsyche gymnastics «Khamsin»

A holistic approach to the revitalization of the domestic resource.
The method includes 10 basic techniques and has 5 levels (steps) of training, giving a total of 50 applications in education. Khamsin (literally “fifty”).

The methodology of “KHAMSIN” reveal unrealized functionality and resources of the psyche and the body, form a stable governance mechanisms and physiological reactions of the body and allows you to successfully use them in any kind of activity (in sports, politics, business,)

  1. Therapeutic gymnastics, martial arts and Tibetan dynamic yoga elements.
  2. Methods of body-oriented psychotherapy ( psychological correction and rehabilitation, the removal of “psychological inhibitions” by changing bodily state)
  3. Spontaneous dance, including items ( mobilization of the latent reserve)
  4. The psycho training of directed attention ( concentration)
  5. Methods of development of psychological stability (creation of biofield shell to protect from mental attacks, etc.)
  6. Ideomotor training (effect of connection of thought and action , and reinforces a movement in motor memory and accelerates the learning process)
  7. Reflexive self-programming (self-development mechanism embodying the successful elements of activities and barring failure).
  8. Instinctive methods of self-defense «Khamsin» (the use of schemas spontaneous psychic reactions, opposed to memorizing)
  9. Mental imagaining (the ability to “get used” to the desired image to be identified)
  10. Complex volitional power of gymnastics «Iron man» (the use of a volitional impetus to strengthen the muscles and ligaments)